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Madrid University Vs. Complutense University Madrid University and Complutense University: A Comparison of Universities in Spain to learn Spanish

Madrid University and Complutense University: A Comparison

Over the years, many of our clients have asked us for help deciding between Madrid University (Universidad Antonio de Nebrija) and Complutense University (Universidad Complutense de Madrid). The decision should be simple as the two universities are very different and each caters to a distinct type of student.

In short, the larger and public Complutense University offers cheaper courses and is more well known, while Madrid University is a small, lesser known private institution offering a higher-quality language program (which by the same token is more expensive).

Following is a detailed analysis of the benefits of each university with respect to one another:

Benefits of Madrid University

  • Less students per class, with 10 students for every teacher.

  • Superior installations (more modern and better technology).

  • Better-qualified and more highly motivated teachers. Many of the Complutense’s instructors are doctorate students who teach in order to gain credits and don’t necessarily consider teaching their priority.

  • A large menu of extracurricular and social activities arranged by the university to ease the transition of international students into campus and city life, enhance their contact with Spanish culture and history throughout their course, and encourage contact with locals and language practice in social situations.

  • A smaller, more intimate university environment. This could either be a benefit or a drawback, depending on student preference.

  • Being a small private institution, Madrid University depends strongly on its reputation for quality and the high standard of its educational programs – a fact that is clearly reflected in its language institute – and consequently maintains an agile and student-centered governing body. In contrast, Complutense is a large and established public university with a complex bureaucratic structure, and is less preoccupied with (and less able to respond to) the concerns and needs of its student body.

  • Madrid University’s agile and student-centered nature makes it far superior to Complutense when it comes to student services and support. The university’s administration is helpful and responsive – not so at the Complutense, where it’s not uncommon for administrators to speak only a few words of English.

  • Accommodation services are offered, whereas at the Complutense they are not.

Benefits of Complutense University

  • Cheaper courses.

  • The largest university in Spain with an enrollment of over 100,000 students. This could be a good or a bad thing depending on the student’s preference.

  • Being Spain’s biggest university, Complutense enjoys a better-known international profile.

  • A huge campus with much larger installations (such as sport facilities and libraries) than Madrid University’s. It should be noted that the installations employed for its language program are older and less well equipped.

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