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Language Levels

Course content varies by proficiency level as defined by the Common European Framework of Reference:

  • Beginner to Elementary (A1-A2): Students are equipped with the necessary vocabulary and grammar skills to effectively navigate a Spanish-speaking environment. The cultural element to the courses are designed to make students familiar with Spanish culture and society.
  • Pre-Intermediate to Intermediate (B1-B2): Students become intimately familiar with the structural elements of Spanish and become effective writers of the language (conversational skills are still given precedence, however). Central goals include vocabulary-building and increased familiarity with Spanish culture and lifestyle. Students are considered fluent in Spanish upon completion of B2.
  • Upper Intermediate to Advanced (C1-C2): Students are fluent communicators able to use Spanish socially, academically, and professionally. At this level, students can choose from a diverse offering of courses, including advanced language courses and discipline-specific courses in areas such as Literature, Art, History, and Business.
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